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"Proceeds to Charity" Collection

Made By Special Needs Volunteers

The products in the “Proceeds to Charity” Collection are made by volunteers with special needs.  This program offers individuals with special needs the opportunity to learn work skills and the fulfillment of volunteering their time towards the needs of families with special needs.

For Charity

All Proceeds will be donated to the Autism on the Seas Foundation for Special Needs Families

100% of the proceeds from the sale of each item in this collection will be donated to the Autism on the Seas Foundation, specifically to the “Charlie Grant”.  The “Charlie Grant” is a fundraising campaign designed to pay respect to a past guest of Autism on the Seas, a dear young man whose life was taken at the early age of 22, in November 2015.  Charlie Rothman’s family, together with the Autism on the Seas Foundation campaigns yearly to fundraise in order to provide deserving special needs families the services of Autism on the Seas.

How this Started

It all started in 2015 when Jules Cayer who has Apserger's, daughter of Aimee Cayer who works for Autism on the Seas, decided that she was going to make Autism on the Seas ornaments for her Girl Scout Silver Award.  After reading about The Charlie Grant, she decided that she was going to donate all proceeds to the grant.  The ornaments then led to key rings and magnets.  As part of her Silver Award she created a tri-fold brochure to educate people about Autism, the challenges families with children with autism face when travelling, and Autism on the Seas.  Her goal was, and continues to be, to raise autism awareness.  She initially set a goal of raising $100.00, and in one month she raised $400.00 ..... and the orders keep coming in.